I was drawn to academia by a love of learning and of sharing what I have learned. Teaching is one of the primary opportunities for me to do that. Below you can find links to syllabi for courses that I have taught and a summary of my students' course evaluations.


Philosophy of Social Science


Virtues, Values, and Happiness
Philosophy of Science

Philosophy, Politics, and Science
Philosophy of Mind

"Making Sense of Ourselves"
Political Philosophy

Course evaluations

Each semester students at UNC Chapel Hill are invited to complete anonymous course evaluations. Here is a histogram of my students' overall evaluations (N = 110 students from 5 courses). 75% of these students agreed or strongly agreed that the course they took with me was excellent. Below are some select quotes from their written comments.

Histogram of student agreement with "Overall this course was excellent"

Select quotes from my students:

  • "I have been very thankful to have Michael as my instructor. He has done a great job at engaging his students with very complex philosophical concepts. He really encourages students to share their own opinions and take ownership of their beliefs and thoughts. He also has offered help in office hours and meeting after class and when you come to him as given substantive information that is very insightful and helpful but rather than telling you the answers, sparks your own thoughts in hopes you will truly take ownership of your own thoughts and beliefs. I really have enjoyed Michael as my instructor and signed up for a class he has next semester!"

  • "Overall, more than anything, I feel like my reading comprehension skills skyrocketed during my time in this course, and for that, I am grateful."

  • "I know it is difficult to keep students engaged with virtual learning, but Professor Prinzing did so much to keep everyone thinking and participating. The breakout rooms, Poll Everywhere questions, and open discussions allowed for a very comfortable environment to share thoughts and ideas. I also feel as if I now actually know how to effectively take apart arguments as well as accurately construct my own."

  • "Michael Prinzing was an excellent teacher because he was able to communicate complicated philosophical questions at a level we as students could understand. He was empathetic and made sure everyone thought deeply about the subject matter. I learned a great deal from him and his class."

  • "He was genuinely invested in and passionate about the material, so it inherently made me enjoy the experience more, and value what I was learning."

  • "Michael Prinzing showed great enthusiasm towards the subject matter and a genuine love for teaching and hearing our opinions. He was kind and easy to get in touch with should we need the help and need his attention."

  • "Mr. Prinzing was a great instructor. He is passionate about philosophy and it shows in his lectures. He made philosophy fun and applied it in ways that made it easier to understand. By far, my favorite philosophy class at UNC."

  • "I really enjoyed it, and I want to add a philosophy minor (or even change majors) because of it."